Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK - New Open World Game

The game tells the story of a gangster in the background of Miami in 1986 in the USA. The main character, Tommy Vercetti, was originally a gangster from Bastard, but got the chance to send his boss to Marx and then took over the side. The so-called “Evil City” map accurately shows the “southernmost port city of Miami” in the United States. Thanks to the port, drug trafficking dominated in the 1980s in a region where drugs were widespread, such as Cuba and Colombia. The game's story is based on this event.

The game uses the high freedom of 3D perspective, the display of city scenes looks like a seaside resort, people's clothes and vehicles show bursts of 80s retro atmosphere, and the background music is also elegant. Pop, in more than 90 classic songs from the 80s, appear in various scenes, offering players an even more intense gaming experience.

The game still follows the GTA series and prides itself on the free mode. Players can improve their fame and influence step by step through the main tasks, and the game has no hard line to complete the task. You can choose step by step You can also sing at the end step by step, carefully applying the basic rule of the "bad guys": go crazy with a good car, or even decide to drive to the bank, crash and burn . It can be said that this authentic original has inherited all the advantages of its predecessor:

degrees of super freedom, worthy of being called the cornerstone of the GTA series.

As for porting, GTA3 performs quite well in terms of operation and control of the lens, it adapts well to the phone platform, there is no acclimatization, for example, the car on the brake, reverse and speakers are a single button with function All shapes are set step by step in the user interface, fighting, driving and shooting processes are fully integrated. If you find that it is not in use, changes can also be made to the settings, soft key position and mode settings to facilitate your operating habits.

The game supports 8 different languages, but there is no Chinese version. Unfortunately, for controlling GTA activities, I have to spend time learning, but in the past, the map was still very clear, the logo was clear, so I don't It doesn't matter if you understand the task. You can completely wander around the map fumbling around unless there is a time limit.And when you get there, a logo with a big arrow will appear. If you know 8 languages, you are also welcome to complete the task as long as you are patient.

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