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Most cloud platforms want you to buy games from their store, such as Google Stadia, XBox XCloud, etc. Or charge a fee to "rent" his VM or server from them and do whatever you want like Shadow

GeForce NOW is one of the few free platforms where you don't need to buy games.

But again, many developers have blocked him from playing games on his GeForce NOW, and GTA V is one of them. And even if the game were allowed, it's very unlikely that it would be Epic Games' version. Hmm. I don't understand why people make an issue of it. The game has been on the market for 7 years.

So why the "shock" when a video game company decides to make it free? Temporarily or permanently free.For me, I wonder if this game was just as big a hit as GTA V, which was released just a year or two before him, or even more shockingly, it was released earlier this year, and They decided to make it free. Only then will I at least definitely be shocked.

Cloud gaming is no different, but has existed in different structures since 2008. Either way, the tide of these new regimes is a side effect of accessible progress, using the power of cloud-based workers to run games and how Netflix or stream Spotify. 1. NVIDIA GeForce Now (Best Cloud Gaming Service Overall)

The perfect cloud gaming service doesn't exist yet and is being worked on to varying degrees, but NVIDIA's GeForce Now is now the best because it allows you to play games at 1080P on a wide variety of devices (mobile, computer, TV). cloud gaming service. is a free subscription level and you own the games you play. It's also the only way to play Fortnite on your iPhone right now.

What really makes xCloud work is the number of valuable games that can be transferred via help. For $15/month you can stream over 200 games, quite a few of which are top AAA games around the world

What xCloud truly has made it work right currently is the number of value games that can be transferred through the help. For $15 per month, you can stream in excess of 200 games, and a respectable number of those are top AAA games from over a wide span of time; the sorts of games that would in the long-run profit with running on worker grade equipment. What makes us sensibly hopeful about xCloud is the way that Microsoft has completely put resources into its cloud-based advancements everywhere (its Windows Azure worker innovation is truly outstanding around), and the way that it has expressly expressed that it sees cloud gaming as what's to come. The establishment has been laid, and now Microsoft simply needs to assemble the house.

You mean using something like the new streaming service from Nvidia?

Welp, a couple of things to keep in mind are:

-You need atleast a mediocre PC. Any PC with a Pentium or an i3 and above, 4gb of ram and any crappy integrated GPU should work

-Here's the catch though: You need a pretty darn good internet connection. I don't know exactly if you need faster internet than for using something like Netflix but you do need a stable, relatively fast connection. Latency may or may not be an issue depending on the game you try playing and your connection

Other than that, it should be pretty much the same as local gaming on a PC with a dedicated GPU. I would consider playing more single player games though as highly competitive games may be an issue due to the latency, then again, if you have super good internet then it may not be much of a problem but I see a lot of potential in this for graphically demanding single player games like Witcher 3 and DOOM.

Why not? Buddy! If you have not experienced the beauty of the GTA V besides, one of the best masterpieces of Rockstar yet, go give it a try.

GTA V has been released like more than 5 years back, but still new content is updated on a daily basis, like even now. They are updating the contents on GTA online as the player base is increasing. Besides, the exquisite features in GTA V have been such a great appeal, that they are playing V again and again just to explore the Los Santos more.

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